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Self-portrait as talisman: from Zeena's 2009 presentation "Magic, Meditation and Media". Copyright: Zeena Zeena at Shambala wildlife sanctuary. Zeena in her studio in 2009. Zeena in Radio Werewolf's The Zürich Experiment. Copyright: Arnoldo Steiner Zeena at Sethian Liberation Movement meeting, 2006.


You have entered the only authorised Internet portal for the multi-media artist and spiritual guide Zeena. Her work as a photographer, graphic artist, musician/composer, writer, animal rights activist and religious teacher is informed by the Tantric and Typhonian traditions and her training in the discipline of Hellenic sacred drama. 

This website contains biographical info and historical archival material about Zeena's life and career.

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At the age of 13, Zeena was introduced to Eastern mysticism when she was taught meditation in the single-pointed Zen tradition. In 1990, she was initiated into the left-hand lineage of Indian Shaktism under the guidance of a guru in Austria. Today, Zeena is a practicing Tibetan Buddhist yogini in the Drikung, Karma Kagyu and Nyingma lineages.

Zeena is Hemet-neter tepi Seth, the founder and leader of the Sethian Liberation Movement (SLM), an initiatory religious body inaugurated in 2002. SLM's Gnostic approach to the ancient Egyptian theurgic worship of Seth utilises the techniques of pan-Indian left hand path yoga to attain liberation for all sentient beings through communion with the most powerful of deities. Outside of SLM, Zeena teaches meditation and shamanic sorcery to private students of all religious denominations. 

Zeena brought her life’s work of building an authentic left-hand path tradition in the West to the general public through her influential book Demons of the Flesh: The Complete Guide to Left Hand Path Sex Magic, co-authored with Nikolas Schreck.

As former co-director of the magical resistance circle The Werewolf Order from 1988-1999, Zeena’s musical compositions are featured on the Radio Werewolf recordings The Lightning and the Sun, Songs for the End of the World, Bring Me the Head of Geraldo Rivera!,  Love Conquers All, and Witchcraft/Boots: A Tribute to the Sinatras. Her talismanic graphic artwork and coded cover design adorns all of the public and private Radio Werewolf and Video Werewolf releases she performed on.

In 1990, Zeena publicly renounced and exposed the fraudulent personality cult she was born into. Her  ex-family and the remaining followers of her deceased con-man father reacted to her resignation by indulging in a typical cult-like character assassination campaign against her. Drawing on her own  triumph over these and other dysfunctional family experiences, Zeena, a professional bereavement counsellor, founded SLM’s public outreach program PHOENIX to help others in similar situations.

Since 2004, PHOENIX provides spiritual healing for victims of exploitative pseudo-religious organisations, former gang members, whistle-blowing ex-employees of corrupt corporations and governmental agencies, relatives of the violently mentally ill, and survivors of all forms of institutional abuse, including secretly abused children and spouses of prominent personalities.

In recent years Zeena has augmented her ongoing artistic work by transcribing various Buddhist texts for leading Vajrayana teachers and scholars. She is currently working on several solo recording projects. Between her teaching and consultation engagements, Zeena takes spiritual retreat twice a year to deepen her own meditative practice.


Acknowledgements: Thanks to Zeena for allowing us unrestricted access to her personal archive for this project despite her opposition to cyberculture. Gratitude to the dedicated volunteers at schreckinfo, Kaliyuga Clearing House, the Sethian Liberation Movement, and independent students and associates for the compilation of material for this website, and to our webmaster for web design and its maintenance. We appreciate your continued support of Zeena and her work.


Zeena performing in the series of many rerouted, banned or clandestine Radio Werewolf guerrila performances in Europe, early '90s. Zeena at anti-aircraft tower in Vienna. Copyright: Helmut Wolech Zeena performing in the series of many rerouted, banned or clandestine guerilla Radio Werewolf performances in Europe early '90s. Zeena's famous whip dance for Radio Werewolf's Songs for the End of the World tour. Copyright: Diethard Tauschel/Glasnost magazin Zeena during Radio Werewolf's Songs for the End of the World tour. Copyright: Diethard Tauschel/Glasnost magazin