The New Satanists by Gini Graham Scott and Linda Blood, 1994

The following excerpt from Linda Blood's 1994 potboiler The New Satanists is presented here as a particularly overwrought example of the witch-burning hate literature which flourished in the United States during "The Satanic Panic". This book was quickly removed from the market due to litigation against it. In the lurid passages below, Blood offers a typically panicky critique of Zeena's Werewolf Order which manages to play up all the usual stereotypes featured in this short-lived genre. Before she renounced occultism in favor of religion, Zeena led all three of the sinister groups Blood lists in her infernal inventory of supposedly dangerous organizations. Blood's book proved to be one of the last gasps of the "Satanic Panic" which coincidentally came to an end along with the 1981-1993 Reagan-Bush right-wing religious regime.