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Showdown with Satanism

Showdown With Satanism

Bob Larson Ministries, USA, 1997

As herself.

Documentary film of Bob Larson’s 1997 interview with Nikolas and Zeena Schreck filmed before a live audience at the Anchorage Baptist Temple.

Although the Schrecks no longer identified themselves as ”Satanists”, Larson insisted on using the ”S word” against their wishes so that his film was more easily marketable to his unsophisticated customer base.

When Larson booked Zeena’s plane flight to Alaska under the name ”Zeena LaVey” Zeena informed Larson that she would not board the flight until the ticket was reissued under her legal name "Zeena Schreck". Aside from that she informed him she'd placed a curse on the name ”LaVey” and its legacy and therefore would not only not fly under that name but would not appear for any performances or presentations under that name as well.

Larson changed the ticket.

It was during this same conversation that Zeena first mentioned to anyone outside her closest circle of confidants her malediction against LaVey and his legacy. Only one month after her conversation with Larson, LaVey died - seven years to the day after Zeena's written curse in 1990 was sealed. Upon the first day of the news hitting the media, Larson confirmed that Zeena had predicted her father’s death during the shooting of this film when he invited her to speak on his nationally broadcast radio show.

Click on the images to enlarge and read "Speak of the Devil" in Anchorage Press, Oct 2-8, 1997 for the first written reference to the curse prior to its completion on October 29, 1997.