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"Special Type"

"Special Type" and Day Player in film and television

Between 1993-96 Zeena worked as a day player and in bit parts on several films and T.V. shows. Among many were Get Shorty, Addams Family Values, and episodes of The Clinic on Comedy Central and Tracey Ullman Takes On.

Zeena worked these roles under a pseudonym because this stint of work was only intended as fill-in income to support her mother's demand of $1,100 monthly child support to cover what Zeena's mother estimated costs to be for Zeena's 15 year old criminally inclined, mentally challenged son who had become too out of control and violent to live with Zeena anymore.



Unfortunately Grandmother's little darling didn't do much better under her supervision and a grand a month from mum still wasn't enough for Stanton who pinched granny's firearm and ran off to the corner 7-ll to rob an octogenarian for drugs money. Guardianship had been transfered to Stanton's grandmother at the time of his first criminal offense; yet Zeena still got the bills for all state juvenile court costs incurred.

Nonetheless, during one of Zeena's brief acting roles she did have an interesting encounter with John Travolta on the set of Get Shorty. John Travolta met Zeena's parents 19 years earlier on the set of The Devil's Rain. When Zeena explained who she was, she had to make it clear her severe break with her father following his attempt to send a stalker after her; that this was her reward after years of defending him and his organization in the heat of Christian fundamentalist hysteria. Travolta empathetically commented, "Why would he want to do such a thing to you when you were just lovin' him."

There are many interesting anecdotes about what goes on on sets during the making of films, as the above photo suggests. Some stories are better left untold, though...